when-one-tugs-at-a-single-thing-in-nature-john-muirLast night we started the Facebook page Alt-National Park Service and within 20 hours we received over 9500 page likes. Posts on the site were seen over 150,000 times. Trump may be able to shutdown the official social media accounts of the National Parks and other government agencies, but he cannot shutdown the internet.

Over the next four years we have a lot of work to do. We must unite to not only fight for the environment, but also to fight for our American values. We must be welcoming to immigrants; me must help refugees; we must support equal rights for women. We must resist what is happening in Washington.

The goal of this fledgling blog is to bring together park employees, journalists and people who love the national parks to share positive stories about the parks and to share information on climate change and issues in a fair way. If you see stories that need attention or need sharing, please message us on our Facebook page or email us at altnationalparkservice@gmail.com 

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